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Pavia (Lombardy – Italy) is a major Italian college town, with several institutes, universities and academies, including the ancient University of Pavia.

walking on Vittoria Square - Pavia

walking on Vittoria Square – Pavia

…Consider well the seed that gave you birth:
you were not made to live your lives as brutes,
but to be followers of worth and knowledge…



Broletto Cathedral


  • Cathedral of Pavia , begun in 1488; however, only by 1898 were the façade and the dome completed according to the original design. The central dome has an octagonal plan, stands 97 m high, and weighs some 20,000 tons. This dome is the third for size in Italy, after St. Peter’s Basilica and Santa Maria del Fiore in Florence. Next to the Duomo were the Civic Tower (existing at least from 1330 and enlarged in 1583 byPellegrino Tibaldi): its fall on March 17, 1989, was the final motivating force that started the last decade’s efforts to save the Leaning Tower of Pisa from a similar fate.